10 things I hate about You poem

10 things i hate about you poem

If you are looking for a poem that presents 10 things I hate about you peom the you are at the right place. I am going to share the poem. Let’s enjoy the poem and share your thoughts.

10 things I hate about Your poem

I know I must confess, I hate thee true,
Yet words are but feeble to express my rue,
Thus, in verse, I’ll sing of my disdain,
And let my hatred ring like a bell of pain.

First, your arrogance doth irk me so,
As if all others are but mice to your crow.
Your smirk, your strut, your haughty gaze,
All show me how little respect you give in your ways.

Second, your tongue is sharp as a serpent’s tooth,
And your wit doth sting like a viper’s truth.
Your insults cut deep, leaving wounds in their wake,
And yet, you seem to relish the misery you make.

Third, your charm is but a thin veneer,
A mask to hide your true nature so clear.
You manipulate and use, leaving broken hearts in your trail,
And yet, your charisma never seems to fail.

Fourth, your selfishness knows no bounds,
As if the world exists only to serve your crowns.
Your desires and wants come before all,
And you’ll trample on others to get what you call.

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Fifth, your pride is as great as a mountain,
And yet, it’s built on nothing but a vain fountain.
You think yourself invincible, a god among men,
And yet, your arrogance blinds you again and again.

Sixth, your cruelty is like a winter’s frost,
Freezing and cold, your heart is lost.
You take pleasure in others’ pain and despair,
And yet, you seem to have no remorse or care.

Seventh, your indifference is a poison,
Killing everything around you with no reason.
You watch the world burn, without batting an eye,
As if nothing in life could make you cry.

Eighth, your selfishness knows no loyalty,
Betraying even those who show you royalty.
You use and abuse, leaving shattered hearts in your wake,
And yet, you’ll never feel any regret or ache.

Ninth, your pride blinds you to the truth,
Making you believe in lies and untruth.
You live in a world of illusions and make-believe,
And yet, reality is something you’ll never perceive.

And finally, your very existence is an offense,
A plague, a curse, a moral sense.
You bring nothing but chaos and pain,
And yet, your ego makes you believe you reign.

In conclusion, I hate thee with a passion,
A loathing beyond any ration.
May your arrogance and pride be your downfall,
And may your heart, one day, heed the call.

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