Advice about Influenza pandemic 1918 and symptoms of influenza a


Influenza is a respiratory disorder that infects the lungs, throat, and nose. The influenza virus causes it. If it becomes severe then it can be fatal and lead to death. We can prevent influenza by using vaccines against influenza each year.

influenza patients (2)

symptoms of influenza a:

Typically influenza affects the respiratory tract and affects lungs so these symptoms can be seen in the patients:

  • Pneumonia
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Difficult to breath
  • Inflammation in throat
  • And some respiratory syndrome.

Causes of influenza:

The influenza virus causes influenza. If a patient has flu when he/she will sneeze or cough then the influenza virus in the form of tinny droplets is transferred from one person to the other person. If you touch the place or thing that is previously infected by the virus then this virus will transfer to your hand and when you will use this hand to touch your nose, eyes, or mouth, they moved into your body. There they will cause a disease that is flu if an infected person is talking to you and have less than 6 feet distance between you and his/her. Then the chance of spreading of flu increases.

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Treatment of influenza:

Antivirals are used to treat the flu. These three drugs (antivirals) are recommended:
These antivirals come in different brands. These medicines prevent the release of viral particles from patients with flu by interrupting the function performed on the surface of the virus.

Prevention from influenza:

If you want to prevent influenza you have to get vaccinated each year by the flu vaccine. This vaccine should be used each year because the influenza virus changes each year and therefore every year strains are identified from the virus that causes the illness and a new vaccine is made for prevention.

Pandemic influenza 1918:

First-time influenza pandemic outbreak was reported in 1918. The pandemic was caused by the H1N1 virus. Its gene was of avian origin.

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