The benefits of bananas: Why should you eat them everyday?

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Traditionally, it is believed that the most useful will be those fruits that grow where you live, and not exotic ones. But bananas can be safely included in the list of “our” products – we have become accustomed to them since childhood. And they are really, really helpful. Eat a banana every day, and here’s why.

The benefits of bananas: why should you eat them every day?

Bananas prevent calcium loss

We need calcium for healthy bones, strong teeth, strong nails, hair and beautiful skin. But this element has one drawback – it has the ability to be washed out of the body. Especially if you are actively training or experiencing strong physical exertion, drinking a lot of water (which is absolutely logical with physical effort), calcium will be washed out of the body and come out with sweat. And bananas, in addition to being rich in calcium themselves, contain substances that contribute to the retention of this mineral in body tissues.

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Bananas make us smarter

In addition to calcium , bananas are rich in potassium. This element is truly unique – it promotes vascular health, which automatically prevents problems with the heart, pressure and cardiovascular system. That is why potassium has another “miraculous” property – it makes us smarter. In fact, potassium stimulates blood circulation in the brain, saturating it with oxygen and nutrients, which means it improves brain functions – attention, reaction, memory, and logical thinking.

Bananas prevent kidney stones

Not only in the kidneys, but also in the gallbladder and urinary tract. This is due to the same ability of bananas to increase the absorption of calcium by the body. This means that it will neither be excreted from the body nor settle (in case of excess) in the kidneys. Therefore, stones will not form, and calcium will go where it is needed, being absorbed to the maximum.

Bananas help digestion

Bananas are made up of fiber. This fruit is not too juicy because it consists entirely of pulp. So, this pulp is most useful for our intestines. Sweet bananas with virtually no acid are also suitable for those who have stomach problems such as ulcers or gastritis. And the intestines will literally say “thank you” to you after eating bananas, as they will gently and gently cleanse it of toxins.

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Bananas regulate blood sugar levels

Even though bananas are sweet, they can regulate your blood sugar and lower it if you have diabetes. This is due to the same presence of an abundance of fiber. It causes carbohydrates from bananas to be digested more slowly and more evenly. The glucose level will rise smoothly and stay at the required level to provide the body with energy. Therefore, it is recommended to replace other sweets with bananas so that the glucose level does not jump up sharply, and then does not fall down just as sharply.

Bananas relieve inflammation

These exotic fruits contain special substances that help eliminate inflammatory processes in the body. In particular, it is vitamin B6, which is responsible for neutralizing inflammation. This is especially important in the presence of problems with the joints – arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, as well as fractures, dislocations and bruises.

Bananas give energy

Nutritionists recommend eating a banana for breakfast to provide yourself with energy for a long time. It is ideal if you combine a banana with fermented milk products or with cottage cheese, with oatmeal and milk. Also, a banana can be eaten as a snackto “recharge” the body, or shortly before a workout, so that physical work is more efficient.

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Bananas relieve depression

Are you often stressed out? Then you definitely need to eat a banana a day! These fruits are rich in tryptophan, a special substance that is converted into serotonin in our body. Serotonin, in turn, is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for our mood, increases it, gives us the desire to develop and makes us feel pleasure from the little things.

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