Inflammatory Meibomian gland lymphogranuloma – CHALAZION

Inflammatory Meibomian gland lymphogranuloma is a bacteria infection that affects on eyes especially the cornea of the eyes. It’s an autoimmune disease also.

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What is Chalazion?

A chalazion is basically an infection of the eyes. The Chalazion is mainly developed on the upper lid of the eyes but sometimes it may be on the lower lid of the eyes. This is caused by the blockage of the meibomian which is a gland of the eyes, producing the oil for the eyes so that eyes remain moist. If this gland is blocked the red bump becomes of the eyelid that condition is called a chalazion. Here are some points related to this condition.

  • Mainly develop of upper eyelids.
  • It occurs at the age of 30-50 but sometimes in children also but adults are more affected.
  • It could cure himself but it may take some weeks to months if it is not cured then consult your doctor for assistance.
  • Warm-up your hands by the friction of both hands and when they become warm then put your finger to that swallowed part, do this activity 5-6 times a day, it may cure these conditions.
  • If it is not treated for a long time, it may cause an infection in your eye and blur your vision due to the pulling of your eye to the backword.
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 It is infectious obstruction of the orifice of the meibomian gland and there may be an unknown cause that causes the accumulation of sebaceous secretion in the gland’s acini.


Chronic inflammation at the site of lipid secretion → epithelioid and giant cells →plasma cells+lymphocytes→inflammatory response and swelling of the eyelid.

Clinical Scope:

  • ❤ Upper Eyelid.
  • ☺Painless gradually increases swelling.

Complications of Chalazion:

  • Ptosis
  • Blurring vision

Treatment of Chalazion

Inflammatory Meibomian gland lymphogranuloma - CHALAZION


Compression.Warm comoress.Topical steroid.Topical anti-inflammatory drops.


Corticosteroid injections.Systemic antibiotics.


Lesion increased.P/O topical antibiotic for one week.


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