Diet rich in fiber (vegetables, lamb, potatoes, beans)

A typical daily menu for a high-fiber diet

This diet became famous in the eighties when it literally took Britain by storm.

The two main rules of a high-fiber diet are to reduce your calorie intake and increase your daily intake of fiber-rich foods.

There are many low-calorie foods that are high in fiber, so there are plenty to choose from for those who are losing weight. Usually these products perfectly fill the stomach, drowning out the feeling of hunger. Fiber is found in cereals, fruits and vegetables, and a small amount of such food easily fills the stomach, which makes weight loss faster.

Food rich in fiber accelerates the excretion of waste products from the intestines, thereby preventing constipation and a number of gastrointestinal diseases. Fiber also causes weight loss because, unlike other foods, it is not completely digested. It is said that in this case, the body absorbs fewer calories, which causes it to turn to its own fat reserves in search of energy.

A typical daily menu for a high-fiber diet:

Breakfast: A plate of cereal with a small banana and semi-skimmed milk.

Lunch: Vegetable soup with peas and rye bagel. If you want something sweet, then dried apricots are at your service: they are very rich in fiber and sweet.

Dinner: Lamb chop with new potatoes, beans in oil and tomatoes.

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Benefits of a high fiber diet:

  1. Foods high in fiber cleanse the body and prevent constipation by speeding up the process of removing toxins.
  2. The diet differs from others in that the products included in it are very voluminous and fill the stomach, which makes the feeling of hunger disappear.
  3. The diet is convenient, flexible and inexpensive.

Disadvantages of a high fiber diet:

  1. A large amount of fiber can cause increased gas formation in people who are unaccustomed to it.
  2. If you eat fiber in the form of bran or whole grains, then the body’s ability to absorb useful minerals and vitamins taken shortly before or shortly after a meal is reduced. In this respect wholemeal bread is the best, it does not have such an impact.
  3. It’s not just about eating fiber-rich foods. Some of them, such as nuts, dried apricots and avocados, are also very high in calories, although they do contain a lot of fiber. So, if you want to lose weight, you have to count calories.

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