Google Bard Rival of ChatGPT

Recently CEO of google officially announce their new Artificial Intelligence Service Google Bard. This is the most powerful technology that will help Doctors, Engineers and all others about their profession.

Google Bard

How to much power is Google Bard?

Google bard is more powerful than chatgpt. This due to the content freshness. ChatGPT don’t know about latest news and updates from the web but Google Bard has the ability to provide information from the latest content on the entire web. Therefore google Bard is more powerful as compared to ChatGPT.

Can Google Bard beat ChatGPT?

Yes, Google Bard can beat to the ChatGPT due to couple of reasons.

  • Google bard provide fresh content but chatgpt don’t provide fresh content.
  • Google Bard can grab more audience due to being a products of google.
  • Google Bard analyze deep to the content before providing to the user.
  • People trust more on google products/ services therefore it’s possibility of trust of people on Google Bard.
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When Google Bard will be available to use?

Due to high demand and new service of google now google Bard is only shared with trusted and few people for testing purposes. CEO of Google announced that after testing, Google Bard will be shared within few weeks with the public.

Should we use google bard?

Of course everyone have to try google bard. Google Bard make your life easier by providing information you to solve your problems on daily basis.

Who make Google Bard?

Google AI and DeepMind create the Google Bard with the help of Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA).

How Google Bard works?

Google Bard is an artificial intelligence service that uses LaMDA for providing information then this information is analyzed and shown to the user. Google Bard uses DeepMind for analysis of the content. Google Bard extract the content from the entire web.

What is the official logo of Google Bard?

Google Bard still not launched their logo officially but here is the expected logo of the Google Bard.

Logo of Google Bard

Does Google Bard will be free?

Yes, Google Bard will be free to use for everyone. Google uses their Google Search bar queries to solve the problem.

ChatGPT vs Google Bard

Still due to PR of ChatGPT is in trending on social media. But Google Bard may break the record of ChatGPT.

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Pros and Cons of Google Bard:

  • Google Bard will provide more beneficial information due to deep learning
  • Google Bard can provide latest and fresh content to the users due to this reasons Google Bard can beat ChatGPT.
  • Due to trust of people on Google, Bard will get more trust of people.
  • Google Bard can increase screen time of people.

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