Home yoga to lose weight – A complete guide for beginners

Home yoga to lose weight

You can lose weight without strong food restrictions and exhausting workouts if you do yoga for weight loss. We will tell you how to perform exercises for beginners and effectively practice at home.

Features of yoga for weight loss

Regular exercise actually improves the appearance, forming the correct curves and a strong muscular frame. The only trouble is that compared to other types of activity, such as training in the gym, the process of losing weight is more leisurely.

Yoga classes are allowed for almost everyone. Lessons do not require any additional attributes, except for a mat and comfortable clothing. The best results can be achieved if you combine daily home yoga with the right system of balanced nutrition and a favorable mood, since exercise affects the improvement of both physical and psychological activity of the body.

Is it really possible to say goodbye to extra pounds? Let’s turn to the facts: each one and a half hour session, with the correct execution of asanas and proper breathing, burns about 300 kilocalories!

Why does this happen and is it safe for the body? Yoga for weight loss helps to speed up metabolism and reduce weight without harm to health. Extra pounds gradually disappear, and if you eat right, they will not return.

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Which direction to choose for Home yoga to lose weight


The first step is ideal for beginners. Meditation and relaxation help to establish a balance between the spiritual and material world, develop strength and flexibility. You can lose about 200 kcal per session. But it is worth noting that this direction of yoga rather has a complex effect and is not used only for weight loss.

Ashtanga Vinyasa.

The most dynamic and at the same time quite gentle direction, ideal for those who want to lose weight. Since the pace of performing asanas and changing rhythms of breathing is fast, at least a minimum level of physical fitness is required. The effect achieved through meditation helps psychological and physical recovery. Approximately 350 kilocalories are burned per hour.


Exercises of this type of yoga for weight loss are performed indoors at elevated temperature (up to 40 ° C) and humidity. The pace of execution is fast, but closer to average. There is detoxification and weight loss. Thanks to the “hot” effect, Bikram yoga is rightfully considered the best for reducing fat deposits in the abdomen, hips and legs. The direction is contraindicated for any problems of the circulatory system: it provides the greatest activity of the heart among all types of yoga. Burns more than 450 kcal per hour.

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