How effective is Pilates?

How effective is Pilates?

Creating this unique system, Joseph Pilates did not think that he was ahead of his time. Meanwhile, the direction developed in the 19th century, and completely unlike other fitness methods, proved its amazing effectiveness and quickly broke into the 21st century.

The goal of Pilates is not to build muscle, as is the case with weight training. The training system forms functional muscles, which ensures the productivity of the body throughout life.

Popular about Pilates

You may have a question – what is so amazing about Pilates that is not found in other types of fitness.
The answer is simple – the correct system trains both the body and the mind.

Joseph Pilates combined the principles of Eastern and Western gymnastics. Training does not just strengthen muscles, but teaches you to feel your body, your body, to live and move in harmony with yourself.

  1. Special breathing, which can be learned through Pilates, improves overall blood circulation.
  2. Each basic exercise works out all muscle groups– from the smallest to the main ones.
  3. Muscles are stretched to a normal state, their elasticity and tone improve,and at the same time, grace and freedom of movement are restored.
  4. All exercises are available for development – you can start practicing with any level of training.
  5. There are no shock loads– the risk of injury is minimal. Moreover, it is recommended to recover with the help of Pilates after serious injuries.
  6. For girls, Pilates is indispensable – exercises develop the internal muscles of the small pelvis. It helps with childbirth, as well as the recovery of the body after them.
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Pilates has a positive effect on our emotional state. Smooth movements calm the nervous system. When the muscles are straightened, blood circulation improves – the tension subsides. A positive attitude forms the appropriate thoughts in the head. But it is the process of thinking that determines the well-being of a person, his physical and mental health.

The spine is the head of everything?

Joseph Pilates is credited with saying, “You are only as young as your spine.” Indeed, a healthy spine is a guarantee of good health, because all the organs and systems of our body are “tied” to it.

The Pilates system is specially designed to correct functional disorders of the spine. Exercises strengthen the muscular corset, joints become more flexible and mobile, posture and coordination improve. The ability to control the body, relax and relieve tension is improved.

In youth, it seems that the back “grabs” only the old people. Unfortunately, back pain comes earlier. Many girls, especially after pregnancy and childbirth, experience unpleasant back pain.

If your spine and muscles are strengthened, no osteochondrosis is terrible for you!

How to exercise

Do the exercises at a slow, steady pace. Control the quality and technique of execution. Remember – in Pilates quality prevails over quantity. Just the case when less is better.

The central role in the classroom is assigned to the abdominal press – it must be in constant tension throughout the workout. If you dreamed of the perfect press , then your dream will come true.

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Breathe properly – while inhaling “press the navel to the spine”, this helps to create a flat abdominal wall. But don’t pull in your belly, it’ll take your breath away.

Watch your posture. You won’t believe it, but after a few sessions, in addition to training, you will control your bearing and “keep” your back correctly in everyday life, in addition to training.

Where to begin

There are a lot of nuances in the technique of performing exercises, and no theory will make it possible to understand the whole uniqueness of this system. Even breathing during classes is necessary in a special way. It is not easy for beginners to understand this training system. But the final result depends on how correctly the exercise is performed.

Our website provides online Pilates lessons with Olga Derendeyeva , a fitness trainer with 10 years of experience.

The system uses a special breathing technique that the trainer teaches during training. A set of exercises is performed sequentially, from simple to complex, with modifications and rules for the transition from exercise to exercise.

Olga accompanies the exercise with detailed comments – why this or that element is being done, what main muscle groups are being worked out, explains the technical nuances. Classes are held at an optimal pace.

After classes, you will feel pleasant fatigue, you will feel every cell of your light, flexible, healthy body.

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Pilates workouts on FitStars with a star trainer will give you a powerful boost of motivation and inspire you to work on yourself! 


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