How stress interferes with weight loss

How stress interferes with weight loss

You can diet as much as you want, count calories, walk 20,000 steps and pack yourself in the gym, but … If you are stressed, you will never succeed in losing weight! Often it is constant stress and dissatisfaction with life that prevents you from losing weight.

How does this happen?

Very simple. And very embarrassing. The process of losing weight is most directly affected by hormones, and stress produces adrenaline and cortisol . In this way, the brain prepares the body to fight, mainly for survival!

Has it ever happened to you that before an exam or an important event, a piece does not go down your throat? Of course! This is adrenaline , it sharply reduces appetite and redirects blood from the internal organs to the muscles.

But what happens next? Cortisol , the stress hormone , enters the arena . It increases appetite and pushes us to more fatty foods. And it is under the influence of cortisol that the body accumulates visceral fat – the one that surrounds the internal organs.

Thus, if you get a little nervous, it will even improve your well-being, but if it lasts a long time, the consequences will be the most unpleasant:

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1. Extra pounds are practically guaranteed, because for many, stress = overeating .

2. The risk of metabolic syndrome increases, and this is also weight gain , insulin resistance and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Thus, chronic stress not only affects appetite, but also directly increases the amount of body fat from what you eat.

How do you know it’s not the cookies that are to blame?

In this matter, stress and bad eating habits have an equal chance. To clarify this issue, you need to calculate your daily calorie intake and evaluate your energy costs during the day. If consumption is higher than costs, then the reason is nutrition.

If you fit into the norm, and your sides are growing, then you should think about whether there are factors in your life that unsettle you.

Here is a sample list of such:

1. Rejection by your family or work team, lack of communication with these people.

2. Permanent fear of working moments or communication with loved ones.

3. Self-destructive patterns of behavior – low self-esteem, guilt, or internal attitudes of dislike for oneself.

4. Chronic lack of sleep and emotional burnout.

How to make your life calmer?

As the saying goes, if you can’t change your attitude towards life, change your life itself. For this:

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1. Take control of your diet. This is very difficult, but if this is not done, then the habits run the risk of turning into a real eating disorder.

2. Change jobs if that’s really what drives you crazy. You are the only one dear to yourself, and spending your health and life in a place where you are not appreciated is short-sighted … If this is not possible, start small – try to transfer to another position.

3. Get rid of toxic personalities in your environment. Even if they are relatives. Love and respect yourself, don’t let yourself be treated in a way you don’t deserve.

4. Do fun things. This could be reading, meditation, physical activity, or meeting friends.

The main thing to remember is that stress prevents you from losing weight, provokes diseases and shortens life.

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