Pineapple Juice Wisdom Teeth Actually Help? Truth Behind

Pineapple juice wisdom teeth

Do pineapple juice wisdom teeth actually work? Extraction of wisdom teeth produces a lot of pain therefore people find out methods to reduce pain and inflammation. A new Fad Pineapple juice wisdom teeth reduces the pain and inflammation on TikTok. Does it actually help? Should we try this practice or not? We will discuss all questions in this article.

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TikTok user claim about pineapple juice wisdom teeth

A nursing student claimed on TikTok that consuming 64 oz of pineapple juice before wisdom teeth extraction can reduce pain and inflammation. She said her friend has done this practice and got it actually works.

Do pineapple juice wisdom teeth actually work?

It will be surprising for you that actually it works somewhat. This claim is true but consuming too much pineapple as recommended by TikTok users is harmful to your help. Therefore, it needs to know all truth about the pineapple juice and wisdom teeth pain reduction. If you ignore the dietician’s recommendations such practices will be harmful to your health.

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Why do pineapple juice wisdom teeth actually help?

Pineapple juice reduces the pain and inflammation after wisdom teeth removal surgery due to the enzyme in pineapple known as bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that triggers your body against pain and inflammation. Bromelain also reduces your wisdom teeth’ pain and inflammation. But you should not consume too much pineapple juice for wisdom teeth pain and inflammation reduction. Want to know why? Read the complete article below to clear all confusion about pineapple juice and wisdom teeth hack.

Research on Pineapple juice and wisdom teeth

Small research was conducted with 40 participants. 70% of the participants (28 participants) show good results due to bromelain. Bromelain reduces pain and inflammation before and after wisdom teeth extraction. Although these participants take antibiotics along with pineapple juice.

Should we consume pineapple juice for wisdom teeth?

Should we consume pineapple juice for wisdom teeth?
Should we consume pineapple juice for wisdom teeth?
Source: Photo by Anete Lusina

Yes, you can consume pineapple juice for the reduction of swelling and inflammation with post-operative removal of surgery of wisdom teeth. But keep in mind, It should not be more than 8 oz. Because the excess amount of pineapple juice has extra sugar that is very harmful to your health. If you are a diabetic patient then you have to avoid pineapple juice because it will increase your sugar level. You have to consume bromelain for pain relief and inflammation reduction after wisdom teeth removal surgery. It will not harm your body as much as too much pineapple juice. Know the harmful effects of pineapple.

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The harmful effects of pineapple juice after wisdom teeth surgery

pineapple juice after  wisdom teeth surgery
Pineapple juice after wisdom teeth surgery
Source: ABC Children’s Dentistry

Juices have liquid calories. They increase your body weight. They have a large number of calories that causes weight gain. Consuming too much (64 oz) pineapple juice will show side effects. 64 oz pineapple juice for wisdom teeth has the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Skin rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Blotting

Should you try pineapple juice wisdom teeth hack?

It is not recommended to use this hack because when you consume pineapple juice it will give a small amount of bromelain. A small amount of bromelain will not have much effect on pain and inflammation reduction as compared to a Bromelain supplement. You have to take Bromelain supplement; it will reduce your pain and inflammation with no side effects. But you can consume pineapple instead of pineapple juice because raw pineapple is useful for your health if you are not a diabetic patient.

Why pineapple juice actually works for wisdom teeth?

Pineapple juice reduces pain and inflammation due to an enzyme known as bromelain in it.

Pineapple juice or pineapple which is better after wisdom teeth extraction?

Pineapple is better after the wisdom teeth extraction. Because it has no side effects as compared to pineapple juice.

Pineapple juice or Bromelain supplement for wisdom teeth?

You have to use a bromelain supplement after the wisdom teeth removal surgery. Because it has fewer side effects and actually works.

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