The Centenarian Diet: 6 Eating Habits That Extend Life

We are what we eat – banal, but very true. By eating a balanced diet, you improve your health and prolong your life.

Healthy eating habits are an invaluable investment in your long and happy life. Start changing your diet today and you can add at least a couple more years to your genetically determined life expectancy.

Omega-3 Rich Foods

Omega-3 is not produced by the body, so you simply need to get it from food. Supplements with this fatty acid are taken to maintain health and youth, but you can not resort to dietary supplements, but adjust your menu by adding sea fish, nuts and avocados. Omega-3 improves brain function, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, maintains skin elasticity, and delays age-related changes in the body. 


Fiber-rich foods (especially vegetables and legumes) lower cholesterol levels, preventing the risk of heart disease and stroke. They also help stabilize blood glucose levels, which means you are not at risk of diabetes. And, of course, plant fiber is necessary to maintain optimal weight.

Colored fruits and vegetables

Let your plate be as colorful as possible! Bright fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of antioxidants and special substances responsible for their rich color. For example, tomatoes turn red because they contain the plant pigment carotene, which is involved in the synthesis of vitamin A.

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The record holders for the content of useful substances are olive, flaxseed and hemp oils. They are rich in polyphenols, which help prevent certain types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Vegetable oils do not harm your figure, but rather help maintain a healthy weight, stimulate digestion and metabolism.


Proteins should make up at least a third of the daily diet – this will slow down aging. Food rich in protein acts as a building material for the body, which accelerates cell renewal. Plus, it helps you feel full and energetic.


Much has been said about the benefits of clean water. But we will repeat again – do not forget to drink enough. This stimulates intestinal function, promotes the formation of joint lubrication, accelerates metabolism and stabilizes the nervous system.

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