Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss fastly- expert review

top 10 tips for weight loss

Your physical look is a first impression that others image after seeing you therefore everyone wants to look physically fit. But obesity is a big problem for many of them. I am Dn. Babar Ali (Nutritionist & Dietician) is here to solve your problem. I will share the top 10 tips for weight loss fastly that actually work.

It is better to lose weight with a long-term strategy without being strict with yourself. Most people start skipping their meals and this is their first mistake. I always recommend losing 0.5 kg weight per week because this strategy gives you long-term benefits. Fellow these top 10 tips to lose weight that actually work.

Never skip your breakfast:

Skipping your breakfast is not a solution to losing weight because when you skip your breakfast, then at the end of the day you eat more calories. Skipping too many calories will decrease your energy level then you eat more to fulfill your requirement. Therefore you have to take your breakfast regularly. In the next step, I will share that what you have to take in your breakfast?

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Eat more proteins and low carbohydrates:

You have to consume more proteins and low carbohydrates and fewer fats but healthy fats are important for your health therefore don’t skip them. When you consume more proteins then it will decrease the quantity of hunger hormone. Reducing hunger is a way to lose weight. You have to eat fewer carbohydrates to lose weight. If you eat more carbohydrates, it will increase the value of insulin in your blood and as result, your body will store calories in the form of fat. Therefore, it is recommended that eat less carbohydrates and more proteins to lose weight.

Reduce portion size of meal:

Try to reduce the portion size of your meal. When you reduce the portion size, you will eat less calories. Eating less calories is a way to lose weight. Portion size can be reduced by using small bowls, plates, and cups. When you use small plates for eating then it will automatically decrease the portion size of your meal. Eating small calories is another way to lose weight.

Reduce liquid calories:

Liquid products like juices are full of carbohydrates and calories. They don’t reduce your hunger like solid foods. Using liquid calories is just a way to add extra calories to your diet and they promote weight gain instead of weight loss. Cut liquid calories in your diet to lose weight. Using fresh juices in your diet increase insulin value in your blood which promotes the extra calories to store in the form of fat that increase your weight instead of weight loss.

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Eat more fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are full of dietary fibers. These dietary fibers make you feel full and you will eat less. Moreover, fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are minerals that are helpful for proper body functioning. Dietary fibers are helpful for the GIT tract.

Drink more water:

Drinking more water is another way to lose weight. When you drink more water you will feel full and you will eat less. Thus it will reduce the extra calories from your meal. Reducing calories is a way to lose weight. Water has zero calories.

Cut junk foods:

Cut junk foods for weight loss
Cut junk foods for weight loss

Junk foods like, burgers, pizza, shawarma, etc are full of calories. These calories are stored in your body as fat. Therefore, cut junk foods from your diet to lose weight.

Exercise on daily basis:

Exercise is another way to burn your extra calories. When you do exercise, it moves your body parts, and energy is used to move these parts. It is the best way to burn your calories. Exercise also helps to reduce deadly diseases like hypertension, CVDs, Diabetes, etc. One hour of aerobic exercise consumes approximately 400 calories. Thus exercise is helpful to lose weight.

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Always be positive:

Always be positive for weight loss
Always be positive for weight loss

Positivity is key to success in every field. Always be positive and it will help to lose weight. When you are in tension, you consume more calories to manage your stress. Managing stress requires energy and that energy comes from the foods you eat. More stress required more energy to manage. Therefore, always try to be in a circle of positive people. Stay away from negative people, they always give you tension. Thus away from such people means no stress, and you consume less calories. Using less calories prompts weight loss.

Purchase food having more protein, and fewer carbohydrates:

When you purchase foods full of proteins and less carbohydrates and fats. Only that food will be available for you to eat. It compels you to eat only that foods and you will lose weight because proteins and less carbohydrates promote weight loss.

Follow the 80% rule:

Always try to follow the 80% rule. 80% rule describes that “stop eating when you feel you are 80% full.” When you eat according to the 80% rule it will make your GIT tract fit. With the passage of time, your stomach starts to reduce its size and you start to eat less and less until a point reached when your become fit. At this point no more reduction in the size of the stomach and live a physically fit life.

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