Top 5 fruits for weight loss

Top 5 fruits for weight loss

The history of the evolution of the human diet dates back to ancient times, when human nutrition covered only the plant area. Gradually, more and more new types of food appeared in the human diet, which continues to this day. How to determine the benefits or harms of food?

A person intuitively understands what, when and how he needs to eat, what is tasty and healthy. But not everyone can boast of such a skill, so food consumption does not result in the most favorable consequences for human health. Hence the problems with digestion, overweight, obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and so on. People have forgotten about the true function of food – the maintenance of human life, making a cult out of it. What then should be emphasized in nutrition in order to avoid health problems?

This article will tell you that the presence of fruits in the diet contributes not only to weight loss , but also to life expectancy in general; consider categories of fruits that are suitable for everyone, despite chronic diseases; Let’s analyze the criteria for selecting fruits for the diet.

Why eating fruit in your diet can help you lose weight?

Plant foods ensure the proper functioning of the human body; with its help, you can satisfy your hunger (it has its own percentage of calories) and keep yourself in shape. Its deficiency leads to the fact that a person does not receive all the necessary trace elements that are found in fruits.

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Your body can be supplied with the necessary “fuel” in the most extraordinary way to feel full. But will it be helpful?

Anyone who wants to lose weight must understand that kilograms are multiplied due to metabolic disorders. Sufficient consumption of fruit products normalizes metabolic processes, removes toxins from the body, contributing to the burning of calories.

Also, fruits are an excellent substitute for “empty” carbohydrate foods. They also contain carbohydrates, only unlike sugar-containing ones, they charge the body with energy spent on ensuring normal life and functioning of organ systems, are spent on muscle work and brain activity. Therefore, it is impossible to exclude their use completely or greatly reduce; so a person deprives himself of vital vitamins.

Categories of fruits that suit everyone

Not everyone can consume fruits to the same extent, most often due to the presence of certain diseases that have a doctor’s prescription to limit certain foods. An unlimited amount of useful things can also harm, so you need to follow the measure.

Some fruits contain a large amount of glucose (watermelon, grapes, etc.), but you should not completely exclude them from your daily diet. Fruits with a high glycemic index (those that increase the level of insulin in the blood) are rich in vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and saturate the body.

It is very important to choose fruits correctly, taking into account your medical record, so that food does not cause you to feel unwell. For example, people with diabetes need to be careful about the uncontrolled eating of glycemic foods such as bananas, watermelon, grapes, melons, pears, candied fruits.

By using the breakdown and metabolic rate of carbohydrates from a particular product, a person with diabetes can adjust their diet every time their blood sugar rises and select the right foods for their diet.

It is important to remember that a disease, whatever form it may be, is not a sentence; nutrition should be complete and there is no need to refuse a source of minerals, vitamins and vital fiber.

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Fruits and berries that can be consumed in chronic diseases during weight loss:

– apples;

– grapefruits;

– oranges;

– cowberry;

– plums;

– lemon;

– gooseberry;

– cranberry;

– black and red currants;

– cherry

These fruits contain a lot of fiber and vitamins of groups B, P, K and C, pectin and special tannins. Berries have a huge amount of iron, which is very useful for blood formation and preventing blood clots.

Any chronic disease does not cancel a full and varied diet. If you choose the right products, stick to the norm and control the portion of what you eat, nothing can harm a weakened body.

Criteria for selecting fruit for your diet

Proper nutrition is an important component of health, especially at a time when the immune system needs it. The limited availability of fresh food can reduce opportunities for a healthy and varied diet. In order for the selected fruit to be beneficial, it must be chosen correctly.

Criteria for selecting fruits for nutrition:

1. Choose fruits that match the current season and region of residence.

2. Do not lean towards “perfectly symmetrical” fruits (there are no such fruits in nature).

3. Pay attention to the elasticity of the fetus; too hard or mushy are not suitable for consumption.

4. The size of the fetus matters. The fruit “giants” clearly went through “chemotherapy”.

5. The color and taste of the fruit is a sign of naturalness. If it is possible to try before buying, it is better not to avoid it, as the tasteless “like grass” fruit indicates the use of “fraudulent” processing methods.

The fruit, which previously succumbed to freezing at very low temperatures, chemical and gas processing, does not have the nutritional value that should be in it during natural ripening, and if there is, then their part is minimal. The choice of products “unnatural conditions” can cause additional harm to the body.

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Fruit vitamins and amino acids – how to count correctly

Fruits are natural food concentrates of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other trace elements that provide the body with high vitality and are able to prevent weight gain. The lack of these products leads to an imbalance of nutrients, provokes a violation of the digestive system, the condition of hair, skin, nails and mood worsens. To avoid this, just choose the right fruits for your daily diet.

The daily nutrient requirement of fruit fruits can be calculated on an online calculator, with the help of a nutritionist or nutritionist. Why? Because the norm of vitamins, microelements, minerals is determined by gender, weight, age, region of residence, etc., since an excess, like a deficiency, has its consequences: allergies, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, etc.


Food that relieves excess weight does not exist. There is only a set of products that creates favorable conditions for this, stabilizing intestinal motility, removing accumulated “pollution”, accelerating metabolism, which contributes to weight loss.

The article does not call for a “fruity lifestyle”; a person will be able to get results if he adheres to an integrated approach to losing weight: regular exercise, balance of proteins, fat and carbohydrates in the diet.

Fruit should be eaten as much as necessary, and not as much as the soul desires; Even the healthiest food can hurt. Therefore, it is not necessary to overload the digestive tract, provoke indigestion by combining “incongruous” or replace the main meal with fruit.

When choosing foods for your daily diet, it is important to consider the following aspects:

– environmental friendliness;

– usefulness;

– safety.

If the product you have chosen does not meet these positions, think about what measures are being taken to ensure that it ripens faster, shines and is not perishable.

In any case, do not forget about the proven methods that you always have at hand – the “grandfather’s method” – for determining the ripeness and naturalness of the product.

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