Brain is part of human body that control the body by sending messages to the body to perform almost all functions.

Parts of Brain 

There are main three parts of the brain that are cerebellum, cerebrum and brainstem. All these parts perform specific function in the body.

Functions of Brain 

Brain functions are mainly divided into four functions.  It control the Memory, thoughts, speech and movement of all parts of the human boody.

Cerebral cortex

It is the outermost layer of the brain. All the folding shown in the brain is just because of this part of brain. It is also known as cerebral mantle.

Functions of Cerebral cortex

This is the important part of brain that produce ideas, thinking, memory, high level of thinking or critical thinking and decision making capability.

Nervous system

Nervous system is a network of nerves and all its associated parts like, brain, peripheral nervous system etc. This system is used to delivered message to the body.

Central Nervous system

Central nervous system is a system that include the brain and it is a that part of nervous system that is used for thinking  and decision making capability of the body.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical equipment that is used for the examination of brain and other parts of the body, Normally it is used for the examination of cell structure. 


MRI is medical report of the parts of the body specially brain's report that tells the malfunctioning of the brain and its used to check the problem and diagnose the disease. It looks like as given in the picture.

Best foods for brain

There are some fruits and vegetables that are good for brain health, they increases the capability of the brain to store memory, increase the thinking capability etc, these include green leafy vegetables, tea, fatty fish, walnuts etc.