What is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a viral disease present in Africa this virus can be transferred to humans, and in the human body, it causes a condition called monkeypox.

Matt ford affected by  Monkeypox

Matt ford is an American's actor who go to public first of all. He say he have many lesions on his body parts that are very pain ful.

Picture of Monkeypox disease

In monkeypox disease lesions are produced on the body just like this. These lesions can be seen on any part of the body, including sensitive parts also.

Signs and Symptoms of Monkeypox

The incubation period of Monkeypox is 5-21 days. Symptoms include Fever, Chills, Headache, Muscle pain, Pain in the whole body, Respiratory system disturbance etc.

Test for Monkeypox

To test the monkeypox swabs are taken from the lesions for examination PCR or orthopoxvirus test to detect whether you are affected with monkeypox or not.

Monkeypox Detected

If your test show monkeypox positive, it means you are detected with monkeypox, go to your doctor and start your treatment.

Treatment  of Monkeypox

There is no treatment for monkeypox but it is seen that the monkeypox virus is similar to smallpox there antiviral medicines are recommended for treatment if any think not to work for you consult your doctor.

Vaccination for Monkeypox

As monkeypox is a viral disease and it's similar to smallpox vaccines are used to prevent monkeypox and they work also.

Prevention from Monkeypox

You have to avoid to contact with animals, especially monkeys, Always try to wash your hands before meals, prevent yourself from bleeding because blood also contains the monkeypox virus, and stay away from affected people.

Dietary management from Monkeypox

Try to eat immunity boosters, proteins rich, mint, eggs, vitamin C, Fresh basil, and basil leaves and hydrate well yourself.