What is cancer and Prevalence of Cancer.

In this article, we will discuss, what is cancer, the prevalence of cancer globally, and the prevalence of cancer in Pakistan.

What is cancer?

Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled cell division or abnormal cell division in the body is called cancer. This uncontrolled cell division is due to the change in the genetic makeup of the cell or mutation in the cell. 

Prevalence of Cancer globally:

Prevalence of Cancer globally

Cancer is the most common disease worldwide. More than 1.8 million people are affected by cancer. There are approximately 48.7% of people are affected in Asia, 23% of people are affected by cancer in America, 21% of people are affected in Europe, and 10% of people are affected by cancer in Africa. The main reason for the cancer is the poor social-economic status and aging.

Prevalence of cancer in Pakistan:

As Pakistan is a developing country, cancer is the most common disease in Pakistan. Reason the poor socio-economic status of the people due to poverty. There are 178k patients with cancer in Pakistan. There is the data of cancer patients in Pakistan.

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Prevalence of cancer in Pakistan
  • Breast cancer 23%
  • Oral, lip, cavity cancers 8.6%
  • Lung cancer 4.6%
  • Lymphoma 4%
  • Colorectal cancer 3.6%
  • Other cancers 47%

Why cancer is so common disease in Pakistan?

Cancer is the most common disease in Pakistan because Pakistan is a developing country and people have knowledge about their diet, hygiene conditions, and many more reasons. Women do not focus on hygiene condition.

What are the most common cancer in Pakistan?

These are the most common cancers in Pakistan.

  • Breast cancer is most common due to hygiene conditions in Pakistan
  • Prostate cancer is also a most common cancer in Males
  • Lung cancer is another most common cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer are also common cancer etc.



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