What yoga is better for beginners to lose weight: A set of exercises for a flat stomach and a thin waist

What yoga is better for beginners to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, the hardest part is getting started. Laziness, fear, shyness and poor health interfere. Sitting on diets for a long time does not work, and signing up for a gym can be embarrassing. Yoga for weight loss for beginners is one of the ways to combine proper nutrition, physical activity to get rid of complexes. It is important not the one-time number of calories burned, but the desire to remain slim and healthy all your life.

Benefits of yoga for weight loss

It seems incredible, but you can lose 5 to 10 kilograms with regular training in a month. These figures are conditional and relate to people with large overweight. First, excess water leaves – swelling, since the metabolic processes in the body start much faster than with any other physical activity. The number of calories burned is directly proportional to the initial weight: the higher it is, the faster the process of losing weight goes.

Yogi slim

People start practicing for various reasons: passion, fashion, the desire to get rid of stress, curiosity. Even doctors recommend yoga for weight loss as an effective physical activity in the fight against obesity. In the process of performing asanas, you don’t want to think about extra pounds. There is only a desire to achieve a result, reach the desired point and move to the next level. It is this attitude that helps to lose weight without much effort and fatigue. The first thing that comes back to normal is the stomach, waist, back. Picking up asanas individually, from hundreds of options, is easy even for a beginner. You just need to act according to the principle: do what you can.

Yoga does not cause stress in the body

Exercises – asanas are performed in a slow, comfortable rhythm, normalizing the work of the endocrine system. Breathing practices saturate the blood with oxygen, causing the muscles to burn calories even at rest. Unlike debilitating dynamic loads, asanas are natural stimulators of recovery processes in the human body. Active sports training causes a wolfish appetite, due to stress, which is customary to seize. After the first yoga lesson, you only want to drink – the body will strive to replenish the reserves of the lost fluid, and not to eat the burnt calories.

Yogic nutrition is a philosophy

On the plate is “clean” food, which is unable to poison the body, cause poor health and addiction: a minimum of hot spices and salt, a complete absence of semi-finished products and refined sweets.

It is not necessary to become a vegetarian or give up coffee and goodies. Yogis are tolerant of human weaknesses and any adept will agree that even in a few months it is impossible to completely change the diet. A gradual transition to a healthy diet and reasonableness in choosing food – this is exactly what the main principle of prana sounds like. Before you put something in your mouth, just think: what benefit will it bring me? Power restructuring is individual in each case and may look something like this:

  1. The drinking regime is getting better from the first lessons. The minimum water intake is 10 glasses per day. If every 250 ml is timed to the usual daily activities: brushing your teeth, preparing breakfast, turning on the computer, then in a week the body will demand to drink on schedule. This is very easy to check.
  2. Replacing refined sugar with natural products. Carrying a jar of honey with you is inconvenient. But keeping it in the kitchen or in the office is no problem. Sweet dried fruits are inexpensive, sold in small portions, in convenient packaging, like all kinds of nuts.
  3. “Inanimate” food does not provide energy. Sausages, sausages and semi-finished products are tasty, but they do not bring benefits to the body. If you replace an ordinary white bun with whole grain bread, then it is much more useful to put a slice of tomato on it than a piece of smoked meat. When choosing what to spend time on: cooking dinner or self-improvement, it is better to do asana or meditate, and snack on fruits and cheese.
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Basic Rules

The main condition is to have fun. Therefore, the main recommendations for beginners will appeal to:

  1. Don’t overstress. In the process, take more time to restore breathing. It is better to perform one asana in an hour with high quality than a dozen at random.
  2. Avoid sudden movements. Yoga is a process, not a result. Stretched ligaments and injuries will not bring any pleasure and benefit.
  3. You need to move on to the next exercise only after mastering the previous one.
  4. Don’t compete. Study for yourself and not look at a neighbor who can do more.
  5. Follow your breath. There is no point in being short of breath. On the contrary, you need to get rid of it.
  6. Allocate yoga convenient time in the schedule. In order for classes to be useful, they go to them at will, and not because the subscription is paid. Yoga club schedules allow you to adjust your workouts to your liking. 20-30 minutes daily or 1.5-2 hours a couple of times a week – it doesn’t matter.
  7. Buy beautiful and comfortable clothes. It also helps to feel joy and enjoy the activities.

Yoga complex for weight loss

There is no yoga right and wrong. If the classes have begun, it means that the beginner has already set foot on the path of self-knowledge, and it doesn’t matter what it is called. Asanas are effective only when they are performed correctly, so even for homework, it does not hurt to take a professional training course.

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Types of yoga for weight loss

Haṭha-yoga (Hatha) is the most popular destination in the European part of the world. Ideal for beginners who want to get acquainted with physical and spiritual practices. Hatha is taught in most sports clubs.

Ashtanga Yoga is a complex of asanas, exercises are performed in a fairly fast rhythm, synchronizing with breathing. Another name is Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Bikram Yoga (Hot yoga) – classes are held in a room heated to 38-41 degrees and high humidity.

Yin Yoga (Yin) – yogic “stretching”, a complex of long static asanas. Recommended for people with problem joints and for flexibility training.

Iyengar yoga (Iyengar) is a therapeutic direction of yoga. Classes are held with various devices: rubber bands, belts, pillows, to achieve body comfort when performing asanas. Suitable for beginners and for recovery from injuries.

Aero (Fly) Yoga – exercises in hammocks. For those who dreamed of learning to fly, but did not know that it was possible. To overcome your fears, to relax your neck and spine, to have fun is the main goal of the classes.

Power Yoga – for advanced. A modern sports direction in yoga, requiring good physical fitness.

Exercises for weight loss

It is better to start acquaintance with asanas and lose weight from the simplest poses. These movements will help prepare the body for more intense exercise. They are effective for men and women:

  1. Cobra (Bhujangasana). Asana helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck and spine, in yoga it is a popular exercise for a flat stomach and a small waist. Lie down, rest your palms on the floor at shoulder level and, as you inhale, lift your body and head up, bending at the waist. The hips should remain on the floor.
  2. Boat (Navasana). Perfect exercise for the abdominal muscles and legs. Sit on the floor with a straight back, lean back a little and slowly lift straight legs up, trying to maintain balance. The arms should be extended parallel to the floor.
  3. Plank (Kumbhakasana). Asana for the benefit of the mind and body. Helps to get rid of pain in the neck, strengthen the buttocks and sides, burn more calories. 2 minutes plank is equal to 20 minutes treadmill. Get into a push-up position and hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds as you feel comfortable. If it’s hard, you can rest on your elbows and knees.


The basic principle of yoga is accessibility and feasibility. Therefore, all bans are temporary. There are no obstacles, there is only a restriction on the performance of some asanas for health reasons:

  • injuries: fractures, dislocations and sprains;
  • vertebral and abdominal hernias;
  • exacerbation of diseases, accompanied by pain, fever, poor health;
  • hypertension, hypotension and cardiac pathologies;
  • pregnancy.
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The presence of the above problems does not mean that yoga should be forgotten. You just have to be careful, visit a doctor and exercise under the supervision of an instructor.


Karina, 27 years old: “Who did not believe in yoga? I. After giving birth, my stomach “fell out” a lot, the waist disappeared, and a serious bag hung in front, like a beer bag. And in general, the figure swam everywhere – hands, buttocks, back. There was no desire to go to the gym, and even a small child is constantly in her arms. I downloaded a free video tutorial and tried only 3 asanas at home: plank, boat and twist. Performed each exercise for 30-40 seconds. The body was shaking. But after 4 days, 3 centimeters left the waist! Can you believe it? I am yes. My doubts disappeared. I handed the child to my mother-in-law for the evening and went to sign up in the hall. For 6 months of classes with Dasha Zubova, I became slimmer than I was before giving birth. And the kilograms went along with the centimeters.

Rosa, 31: “I have always been too lazy to play sports. But you still want to have a beautiful figure. Exercise machines, fitness and sweaty armpits did not attract me at all. And then I thought about yoga. I signed up for classes at La Salute – closer to the metro. After the first training, it became clear that I wanted to do yoga. No racing or panting. Everything is measured, smoothly. It feels like an hour-long lesson stretches indefinitely. I have time for the morning workout to make a plan for the day: where to go, what to buy, what to do first. I like this kind of rhythm. I won’t say that I lost a lot of weight, but I didn’t have extra pounds either. But the body tightened up, like a girl’s, all the ugly folds disappeared in a couple of months.

Yuri, 51 years old: “I lost almost 30 kilograms. At my age it is very difficult to lose weight. Power loads are contraindicated, pressure, joints are worn out. I went to yoga with my wife and got involved. I really like Olesya Samsonova, we try to get into her classes. La Salute has a nice lounge and cafe. We love to have a snack with my wife after a workout so that we don’t have to cook at home. ”


Yoga is not for nothing called food for the mind and body. In the process of fighting extra pounds, it helps to improve physical fitness, get rid of stress and a constant feeling of hunger. Yoga is available even to those who have contraindications to active physical activity. The first step to a slim figure is to sign up for classes with an experienced instructor, for example, at La Salute. The club is located close to the metro, in the very center of Moscow and there is an opportunity to attend group or individual training. The main advantage of yoga is an integrated approach to finding a healthy body.


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