Why the diet is not working: 10 reasons that prevent you from losing weight

Why the diet is not working 10 reasons that prevent you from losing weight

It seems that you are following all the recommendations for losing weight, but Why the diet is not working? In this article, we will look at some of the reasons that prevent you from losing weight.

Reason 1: You only count calories

Of course, if you don’t create a calorie deficit, then you won’t be able to lose weight. However, just counting calories is not enough. What you eat plays an important role here, because even the same number of calories will saturate you in different ways. Focus on the quality of what you eat. For example, a bowl of whole-grain oatmeal will fill you up more than a sugary granola bar (even if the oatmeal contains a few more calories). A longer feeling of fullness will allow you to stop snacking a little later, thereby contributing to weight loss in the long run.

Reason 2: You deny yourself dessert

The fastest way to start losing weight is to cut out simple carbs and added sugars, such as candy. But studies show that dark chocolate does not cause weight gain. This is because cocoa is a rich source of flavanol polyphenols, which affect the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in a way that promotes weight loss.

Reason 3: You’re Not Eating Enough

We have already talked about a calorie deficit, but you need to stick to it wisely, because if your daily calorie content is 700 calories, then you will only lose weight at first, and then the weight will rise. When you eat very few calories, your metabolism slows down and your body begins to store calories. Meanwhile, the stomach feels less full, so you only feel hungry. And this can lead to unplanned breakdowns.

Reason 4: You believe the marketing promises on the labels

You believe the marketing promises on the labels
You believe the marketing promises on the labels

“Eco-friendly”, “sugar-free”, “gluten-free”, “100% natural”, “healthy breakfast” and other marketing claims may be close to the truth, but they do not guarantee that such products are suitable for your diet. In addition, agree that if you eat organic broccoli or organic cookies, these are two big differences. Ignore fancy food labels and focus on getting more whole foods in your diet. And at the supermarket, think before you toss processed foods into the trash – whether they’re organic or not.

Reason 5: You’re not eating enough protein

Of course, a green salad will provide you with fewer calories than a fried chicken salad. But the version with green salad, unfortunately, will not give proper saturation.

That’s why it’s a good idea to pair your fiber intake with a lean source of protein. Protein contains a unique blend of essential amino acids that suppress hunger and is the most satiating macronutrient you can eat.

Reason 6: You’re Not Accounting for Liquid Calories

You're Not Accounting for Liquid Calories
You’re Not Accounting for Liquid Calories

The problem with alcoholic and sugary drinks is that they seem to be low in calories (they aren’t, look at the label!) and that they whet your appetite.

Reason 7: You are completely eliminating fat or carbohydrates.

The exclusion (or a strong reduction) from the diet of one of the nutrients will not bring you closer to your dream figure, but will only provide breakdowns and health problems.

Reason 8: You have a lot of junk food in your fridge

If willpower worked, no one would ever go on a diet. If you’re not sure you can stop at just one serving of junk food, don’t buy it at all.

Reason 9: You only care about food

You only care about food
You only care about food

The result of a 2013 study showed that lack of sleep can quietly lead you to eat an average of 549 more calories per day. And it’s not just that the more hours you go without sleep, the more time you have to eat. Separate studies examining the brain’s response to food show that unhealthy foods turn us on more when we’re tired.

Reason 10: You Don’t See Your True Motivation

Lack of a clear understanding of why exactly you want to lose weight can also affect the success of the weight loss process. That is, you may think that you want to lose weight in order to look more attractive, but in fact this motivation may be false: imposed on you from the outside (relatives, girlfriends, etc.) or borrowed from social networks or glossy magazines where models rule the ball . One such external desire is not enough, you need an internal fuse that would help you achieve your goal.

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